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By Sonal Dharampuria

5 Digital Marketing Excellent opportunities that will make you increase Sales

Digital Marketing is not a trend anymore. Nowadays, Internet is a promising business field and it doesn’t look at sectors. It is strictly necessary to offer your customers a digital experience. Marketing online comprises different sectors that must be exploited according to the needs of your company and your clients. Each area allows a unique communication with specific characteristics that permit you to gain and retain clients. 
Let’s check it out some digital marketing options that you can use to improve sales!
1. Updated Website
The website of your company is the main entrance door which usually the first virtual contact a costumer might have with your company and whenever they have doubts, the website is used to find the answers. The website should transmit confidence and credibility. Therefore, it is crucial to show the businesses that your company works in, services/products offered and contact details.
Nowadays, Smartphones and Tablets play an important role when it comes to Internet Access Devices. It is extremely important to have a responsive layout. This way you will make sure that your services can be seen by anyone, anywhere.
2. Social Networks
The benefits of being in the different social networks are unlimited. More than receiving promotions, people want to “feel” a different experience with your brand and the social networks are the perfect channel for this.
Facebook– In Facebook for example, the idea is to create a Fan Page, so you can be in touch with your clients in a relaxed way. There is also the possibility of investing in sponsored ads, broadening your range of action and reaching a specific audience. Facebook is the biggest social network with many users, which can become an excellent investment option for your company.
Twitter– Twitter holds a completely different dynamic. It allows you to post news with a maximum of 140 characters. It is used to spread fast and short news and therefore, used more often than Facebook. There are other options such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+.  All of them have different characteristics and this broadens the type of communications you can have with your customers.
3. Marketing Campaigns through Emails
The Email is still one of the main ways of contact, personal and professionally speaking. If you follow correctly, it can have a high return. One of its unique characteristics is the permission that you ask to send different types of content and this makes it more personal than other communication channels. You will only send emails to people that are interested in the content you are sharing and in the services of your company. 
4. AdWords
AdWords consists in the creation of paid ads for the different browsers, based on certain keywords. This option allows you to create ads right below Google’s search bar and on its right bar as well. If your company is willing to pay for the clicks of the clients, your company can easily reach the first position of the ads.  SEM (Search Engine Marketing) helps your company, through ads, to obtain the specific audience that is searching for a respective service/product. Your ads will only be available when a person is searching for a keyword, word that should make part of the businesses of your company.
5. Start SEOing (Search Engine Optimization)
To reach the best positions in the browsers it is necessary to invest in SEO. The free part: use relevant keywords in your website that describe your services and company. There are other criteria that influence the position such as stability of the website, hard bounces, and others. This is a hard and continuous work. Don’t think you will get results right away. 
Time, Dedication, and Planning! These are the keywords when it comes to Digital Marketing.
Are you ready to compete in the online world?

By Sonal Dharampuria

Genius Content Marketing Ideas..!

Sometimes the best content marketing ideas are the ones that come from using everyday websites and platforms. And the good news is that these methods can be duplicated across nearly any topic or niche.

All you have to ask are two important questions: “Who am I targeting with this marketing?” and “How can I get them interested and engaged with this content?” Even large corporations from American Express to Adobe, have gone back to basics.

When it comes to eCommerce, it’s one inbound marketing strategy you can’t afford to ignore. It’s the primary place on your website where you can share fresh content, initiate conversations, and connect with current and prospective customers.

Smart online retailers also understand that a blog can be a powerful attraction strategy for any website. Not only will creating high quality blog content help you rank for important keywords in search, it will also give you something valuable to share on social media.

But to get the most bang for your eCommerce blogging buck, you’ve got to make it as easy as possible for people to find exactly what they’re looking for (and hopefully even more). And for that to actually happen, you’ve got to have the right mix of navigation, calls to action, and social sharing.

building a successful eCommerce blog requires more than just having the right content. Once someone clicks on one of your posts, you want to keep them there so they start to form a connection and affinity towards your business.

Whether you want to grow your social media following for your eCommerce site, share your posts with their friends, or both—always be sure to include social sharing buttons on your blog. Just make sure any and all social sites make sense for your specific business and your target audience.

As you think about your audience and your blog, what features might you add to your sidebar to help make your content easier to navigate or encourage prospective customers to engage?

By Sonal Dharampuria

Seller Drive: Message from the Founder’s Desk

Dear Seller Drive Customer,

Warm wishes from Seller Drive!

I’m Brijendra Dharampuria, Founder of Seller Drive. I would like to personally thank all the Amazon sellers who had availed our services and are still subscribed. With a wide range of our services, we are completing this Finance Year and coming up with more attractive offers and vivid service combination in the coming Finance Year.

I am proud that to declare that in order to keep our Seller on top of Ecommerce, we are soon coming up
with various IT services which will help you to have your own ecommerce store, mobile app, promotional activities, social activities which can drive direct customers to your store. We will be covering complete range of IT solutions with every possible features at an affordable price.

At Seller Drive, we understand that user centric approach and customer satisfaction.I appreciate your participation in improving our service level and keeping us aware with your experience while working with core members: Amit / Meenal / Shivangi / Ashish / Priya / Shrutika / Swati
In a very short span of time, we successfully cover 3 different states with 3 cities, with expert back office team and experienced management. We are moving ahead and getting sellers from all corners of the country and beyond.

I also like to give a big thank to Amazon Marketplace who had provided us a great place to connect with every possible sellers, who are looking forward for a third party service provider like Seller Drive !!
Please send me your Feedbacks / Reviews / Suggestions and feel free to contact us with all your queries.

Happy Selling!

You can also connect us for assistance on other marketplaces and global selling. I am inviting direct inquiries, you can reach me through:
Brijendra Dharampuria | Founder | +91 95610 95459
IN Off#763, 15th Main, BTM Layout 2nd stage, Bengaluru-560076, KA
IN Off#11, Daga Layout, North Ambazhari Road, Nagpur-440010, MH
IN Off#3A, Manora House, Ekta Chowk, Vijay Nagar, Jabalpur-482002, MP
US WH#Seller Drive, 2220 Meridian Blvd, Suite #W6234, Minden, NV 89423