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By Sonal Dharampuria

Customers Respond Better to Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing works better because you are pitching to a person who expressed some sort of interest in your product. Before explaining this, let’s see why PPC is added under ‘inbound’ while some marketers argue that PPC is an outbound marketing method.

Therefore, we consider PPC inbound marketing:

 PPC – PPC stands for ‘Pay Per Click.’  PPC strategies and SEO techniques are essentially the same, but with a twist. With both SEO and PPC, you are trying to attract your customers through targeted keywords, but SEO keywords are used in social media write-ups, blog posts, video descriptions, image alt tags and Meta descriptions.

Eventually, the targeted keywords in the content are picked by search engines, in as much as the content is of high quality, informative and originally written. A snippet of your website page containing Meta descriptions and Meta title will be shown in search results.

The only difference with a PPC campaign is the fact that you pay per keyword to achieve the same results instead of optimizing your web page and waiting for the results to occur naturally. PPC is much faster where SEO can be a span of few months or years. Simply put, paying doesn’t make a PPC campaign an outbound marketing strategy. It is still an inbound marketing strategy but marketers should remember that paying for a keyword doesn’t mean that it is easy to convince their customers. The customer should be treated with respect and must be served with top-notch information.

Now we will see how inbound marketing is a lot better than outbound marketing for most marketers.

Selling What the Customers Want –

Inbound marketing sells a product to those that are looking for it.Sensitivity toothpaste is a good example: only a minority of people have teeth sensitivity. However, with a TV commercial, the marketer is trying to find the needle in a haystack. He calls for a massive campaign that costs millions of dollars in the hope that potential customers will find his toothpaste and the sales will surpass the marketing costs. 

Inbound marketing on the other hand sells the same product to those that already shown an interest in it. For example, they reach your website by searching for “buy sensitivity toothpaste online USA” or through a search term similar. Now you have only a simple challenge: just convince the visitor that you sell the best toothpaste, which is a lot easier. You Are Not Overwhelming – People ‘hate’ advertisements. This is since most ads are not related to customer interests. Outbound marketing is trying to tackle this problem ever since, but they are nowhere close to being interesting. While an interesting ad may come up every occasionally, what we see more often are spam control software, ad blockers and people who record their shows so that they can fast forward ads. With inbound marketing is an informational conversation, not an ad.

By Sonal Dharampuria

Role of Social Media in Promoting Your Online Store’s Products


A study by the leading business analyst group Nielsenwire has revealed some startling facts about the American web surfers. The study shows that 23% of an American’s time used online, is spent on social media websites. As for online search, they spent only 3.5% of their time. The growth in affinity for online social media has increased by 43%, whereas time spent on emailing has declined by 29%. Instant messaging which was a must-do for everyone using the Internet even a few years back, has only 4% of share in the whole pie which is steadily declining

These facts and others point to only one thing – internet social media rules; at least for the time being. Naturally, the most likely places where you can find people (read customers) are internet media networks. Being an online retailer now is the time for you to focus on social media and make your presence felt there. Here are a few tips to make your online ecommerce shopping cart visible in internet social media:

It is important that your shopping cart software display icons that links to your accounts – put the icons for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc. in one place and give proper visibility.

While socializing, people are mostly in joyous mood. Entice them by running games or lucky-draws; give away a few prizes (Why – use your least sold products!). This will give people a chance to visit your online shopping store – even if they don’t play or win.

Chances are that 4 out of 10 visitors will return.
Update your internet social media website regularly. This is very important, as your followers will always get the latest info; otherwise they would conveniently walk to the next ecommerce shopping store.

Don’t ‘push’ your products; rather try helping your followers. Don’t portray yourself always as a businessperson who is after profit. Instead, be a friend first, people will automatically follow. Do not go gaga about “what you have”, tell people “what you can give”.

Use shopping cart software that offers interface to link products directly to your favorite social media site. For example, there are ecommerce store providers who can help you to take your products directly into the Fan pages of your Facebook account. Your Facebook fans can see all the latest products from your online shopping cart from inside their Facebook accounts only.

Interacting with your fans/followers/customers is the key to spread your brand’s value in social media. Search engine optimization techniques are good for enhancing your search ranking. However, to be known in the social media front, you need to a have different strategy in place. You must give your followers the freedom to judge your products, comment on them and compare. On your part, you will need to analyze people’s views, follow trends, and implement changes and so on.

Internet Social media networks have immense potentiality to expose your products sold through your ecommerce shopping cart to new customers. Furthermore, it’s the perfect platform to help you retaining customers and build a sustainable relationship with new ones. So, when the social media rules, you can take your online ecommerce shopping cart to new heights, if you closely follow the rules of the game!